In Others Words – Part 4

Somewhat belated here is the last part of the presentation from the Measurecamp Berlin (I managed to grab one of the coveted tickets for the next Measurecamp in London, which is a good incentive to finally finish this series). This last bit turned to be out somewhat expensive – as it turned out “Big Data” was on the “forbidden word list” that required a donation per uttered instance. So that was an extra 20 for a refugee initiative, for some closing words on big data. So what does the term mean (if anything) ?

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Cross Domain Tracking with Clean Urls

Cross domain tracking in Google Analytics is a way to track a visit on multiple domains within a single session.

GA uses a client id to assemble sessions from individual pageviews; all pageviews and other interactions within a certain timeframe that share a clientid are part of one session. HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning that individuals hits are not connected to each other. So GA persists an id within the “_ga” cookie on the client and sends it to the Analytics server with every tracking call. Cookies are domain specific, to if a single web property uses multiple domains the client id is lost as the cookie itself cannot be transferred between domains. So GA uses a workaround to overcome that particular problem.

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