A poor man’s CRM with GA and Google Spreadsheets

One reason I am not convinced by the new User Explorer report in GA is that it is a bit oversold – you cannot monitor activities of an identifiable user, since the report is still anonymous. It’s not just Google’s own TOS that forbid storing personal info, there is also a bit of a legal issue which at least applies in Europe. If you store personally identifiable information you need to obtain permission by, and must be able to delete the data at the request of, the person in question. The former thing is not quite feasible and the latter is not at all possible. Storing user based data (with their permission) rather is the domain of Customer Relationship Management systems. Yet you can emulate at least some features of a CRM system with the feature set Google offers for free.

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Double Tracking in GA without Named Trackers – Part 3

The first part of this series introduced the problem – wanting to track to 2 different GA properties without double-coding the tracking calls – and the second part proposed a solution, using a GA plugin to amend GA’s sendHitTask to send a copy of the payload to an additional property. This part explains one of the caveats of that idea and how to overcome it.

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