My name is Eike Pierstorff. I am a Web Analyst with a distinct focus on reporting infrastructure (implementation, integration and report automation). I live in Berlin/Germany. While I work with a variety of systems I’m rather fond of Googles’ products. I like to write about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, mostly by answering questions at stackoverflow. I felt I might branch out and write a professional blog – “professional” because I write about my profession (as opposed to that other blog where I write about my interests and hobbies), not because this is in any way endorsed by my employers.

You can contact me via e-mail: eike(at)diebesteallerzeiten.de (obviously you need to replace (at) with an actual “@”).

I was going to build this blog with Jekyll because apparently static site generators are how things are done in 1997 2015 and partly because I use it anyway in the job to create static documentation pages. However I realized just in time that this would take a lot more time for a lot less outcome, and I am simply not nerdy enough for that. So this is the plainest possible WordPress installation.


I would like to claim that the domain name for this blog is something I salvaged from a defunct project, but to tell the truth it stems from an anecdote from my youth, some 30¬†years ago. At one day me and a friend decided that it was time to watch gruesome horror movies, and we went down to the video rental store and asked for “a movie where, you know, spiders eat children or something like that”. The clerk, whom I don’t remember but who I am sure was a pimple-faced high school kid did not even raise his head as he pointed down the corridor and said “childrens movies, down there”. This story is not very funny and completely inconsequential, and thus proved impossible to forget, only now of course I am much to grown up to say “spider that eats children” and went for a sciency term.

The animal in the header is of course an arthropod, although it does not actually eat men flesh (if only for lack of opportunity). It is called an amphipod, and the main reason it graces this blog is that is was discovered by a guy who researches how the human body breaks down when submersed in sea water. While he did not use actual human bodies (but pigs) he still appears at the top of a google search for “flesh eating arthropods”, so this seemed a good choice (plus the thing is kind of cute, I think).