GA/GTM Wishlist, contd

Okay, so on my recent wishlist for the Google Tag Management I seem to have forgotten an item or two. Let’s amend that (for the moment I’m happy with my list for Google Analytics).

Pause Button

Currently when I want to stop a tag from displaying I have a few dissatisfying options.

  • I can set trigger exceptions. This is not quite as reliable as it seems. If the firing triggers activates after the exception trigger (e.g. if the exception trigger goes off at DOM Ready but the firing trigger already went at pageload) the exception will go unheeded.
  • I can create a version, delete the triggers from the tag, create a new version and publish that. Works as long as I can remember which triggers I need to add again when the tags goes back online.
  • In the advanced settings for a tag I can enable the custom tag firing schedule and set the end date to a date that has already passed.  Works, but is deeply buried in the settings.

It would be so much nicer to have a toggle button that pauses the tag when you click it and starts it again when you click it again. Bonus point if there is a similar button for the complete container.

Notes per Tag

I can leave a note for a container when I change it. I would like to have a similar field where I can add a note to a tag that I have changed.  There is even a field called “note” in the tag resource description in the Tag Manager API documentation, but no corresponding field in the GTM user interface. It would be helpful if I could make a note what I have just changed in a tag.

Block tags while editing

If you need to implement dozens of tags per day (and yes, that happens) you need multiple people to work on the same container. It would be nice to have a mechanism that prevents several people from editing the same tag/trigger/variable, or at least a warning when the same resource is editing by multiple people at a time.

That’s it for the moment. Of course what I really like is a solution for my problems, regardless of the actual mechanism – so if you have an idea how to address these woes please leave a comment.




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