Cross Domain Tracking with Clean Urls

Cross domain tracking in Google Analytics is a way to track a visit on multiple domains within a single session.

GA uses a client id to assemble sessions from individual pageviews; all pageviews and other interactions within a certain timeframe that share a clientid are part of one session. HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning that individuals hits are not connected to each other. So GA persists an id within the “_ga” cookie on the client and sends it to the Analytics server with every tracking call. Cookies are domain specific, to if a single web property uses multiple domains the client id is lost as the cookie itself cannot be transferred between domains. So GA uses a workaround to overcome that particular problem.

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GA Property Moving

Google has announced that they have introduced property moving, i.e. you can now take a tracking property in a GA account and shove it into another account. ┬áThis is somewhat nice for many people (if they┬áhave mis-organzied your account, or if their various businesses split) , but it is extremely nice for agencies with GA… ( Read GA Property Moving)

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