Catching up

In my last post I mentioned how Adobe Analytics is much better at enriching and post-processing data – and it still is; for example you cannot create retroactively hits in Google Analytics. But even here GA is catching up.

Data Imports have been around for quite some time now, but imported data only got applied to newly incoming hits. It was not possible to add data to hits that already had been collected. But there is now, still in Beta, a feature called “Query Time import” that allows to add data retroactively to existing interactions. This process is reversible, if you have messed up you can delete imported data and it will become dis-associated from interactions collected in GA.

As far as I can tell you still cannot create hits for past dates (which can be useful, e.g. if you have interactions missing in your Analytics tool stored in a data warehouse and want to import them), but it’s big step forward.

The feature is available only in Google Analytics Premium Accounts, but then Adobe Analytics (and most other systems) also come at a premium. And it’s understandable that at a $150,000 p.a. Google wants to add some value to Premium Accounts (not that you are likely to pay the list price; as an early adopter of GA premium once said in a public lecture, if there was no way to haggle over the price Google would have a “buy now” button instead of a sales manager).


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