Import Data from and to Salesforce – How Others Do It

Lunametrics are “a Google Analytics Certified Partner, a Google Analytics Premium Reseller, and Search Marketing guru” hailing from Pittsburgh. They run a blog that is one of the best resources for hands-on work with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.  They recently have published a book, “Practical Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for Developers” which I considered to review but what the heck, just buy the thing because they really are that good.

They recently have done a blog post on Integrating Google Analytics and Salesforce and this complements my recent tutorial nicely. Actually to tell the truth  it might be much more useful to you – I wanted to convey a general idea of API programming whereas they introduce various way to exchange data between the two applications. So, less depth, more breadth, and if do not find what you need in that post then simply snoop around in their blog because you’re bound to find something good there.

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