License and Attribution

I do not consider contributions on this blog to be original enough to require any legal protection; this page exists to make this explicit. If you manage to make money from anything you find here please consider a small donation to a charitable cause (e.g. a children’s fund or a pet shelter). Thank you.

License and Attribution for Code

I sometimes reference code that I found elsewhere; this usually comes with its’ own license agreements and I refer you to that.

Code I have written myself and posted on this blog you can use however you like, without restrictions or attribution requirements except when noted otherwise in the accompanying blog post.

Code is provided as-is without any special guarantees that it will do something for you. Use at your own risk.

License and Attribution for Content

Use the¬†ideas from this blog however you want. However if you use my words please link back to the blog post where you found them (then again if you don’t nothing will happen, so whatever).