In Others Words

On October 8th I attended Measurecamp Berlin, the first Measurecamp of hopefully many in my fair home city (and a brilliant unconference it was, with 100 analysts talking shop and no sales talk).  I did a session on the history of analytics (more or less) and decided I did not want to waste my preparation. So I’m going to turn this in a small series of blog articles (plus I add at the end of every installment what I have learned from that particular episode of history). So, let’s hear it “in others’ words“, or, How Web Analytics evolved by adopting terms and concepts from other disciplines and making them their own.

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GA Property Moving

Google has announced that they have introduced property moving, i.e. you can now take a tracking property in a GA account and shove it into another account.  This is somewhat nice for many people (if they have mis-organzied your account, or if their various businesses split) , but it is extremely nice for agencies with GA… ( Read GA Property Moving)

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