Google adopts privacy shield, GTM updates

Google has updated GTM and Simo Ahava has covered this so thoroughly that there is not really much point for me in writing an article myself.  The important sentence, for me, is at the end of the piece where it says

They [sc. workspaces] still won’t patch up a sick organization, nor will they miraculously improve your work in large projects with multiple stakeholders all wanting a piece of Google Tag Manager.

I won’t comment on the “sick” part but workspaces, especially the limited version that comes with free GTM, do not help a lot if you work in a large team where you need to implement dozens of tags per week.  at work we usually make a copy of the respective container, change the “live” container  via requestly for our developer version and then copy the tags and variables (sometimes manually, or via the GTM API).  That’s somewhat similar to workspaces, and frankly I would have gladly traded the new features for a button that allows to copy tags with their dependencies between containers. Oh well.

What is a lot more important is that Google has adopted the new European privacy framework, the “privacy shield“.  I’m sure that this is just a reprieve, and that eventually it will be shot down because (at least according to the original complainant) it does not enough to alleviate the concerns that led to the downfall of the Safe Harbor framework. But for the time being there now is a legal base to use Google Analytics and related services.

I’m in two minds when it comes to Europe against Google Inc. – on the one hand I like my privacy, and I think that’s nice that there is a primate of politics over business interests. On the other hand a lot of this reeks of protectionism, and if that means I have to use a less capable product that happens to be built by a European company then I do not like that at all.  And it feels like the privacy thing might be part of that struggle.

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