Slim 3.1 released

This has nothing to do whatsoever with Web Analytics, but version 3.1.o of the Slim (PHP) framework has been released.

While I’m doing to much PHP programming at the moment Slim is something I have an eye on.  Slim has been created by Josh Lockhart of  PHP the Right Way fame and is basically a router, with dependency injection and middleware support added (the latter was a bit of a new concept for me).

I’m not to keen on full-stack frameworks anymore  – I accept that they have their uses for some people, but I am not usually building huge applications. For me full stack frameworks add many constraints on the one hand, while on the other  hand I have still to pull in additional packages from external sources (so these are probably “semi full stack” rather).

Slim itself does not bring to much capabilities to the table, but it is backed up by the power of composer/packagist (the PHP dependency manager and the corresponding repository).  To me at least (and the sentiment is shared by greater minds than mine) composer is a game changer when it comes to creating and distributing maintainable PHP applications, and Slim is pretty much built on top of that particular infrastructure.

There is much ado about the fact that Slim3 implemented the PHP Framework Interop Group’s recommendation for HTTP message interfaces (“PSR7 compliant”) but I have to say that for any practical application this does not affect me very much, and the discussion why it is desirable or undesirable to have an immutable response object is something I leave to the nerds.  I like Slim because it seems to be more practical than the alternatives (YMMV).

It’s also fairly easy to use. Rob Allen delivered a nice Slim 3 Primer that is available on Youtube, so go and watch it (it’s about half an hour) to see if this appeals to you.

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